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Whether you fish Pro Bass tournaments, local club tournaments or just for fun on the weekends, the Bait Chaser rig is the most versatile lure you will put in your hands.

Just ask Mickey Bruce, who has fished in 11 Bassmaster Classic tournaments and has won 3 Bassmaster tournaments, including SUPER B.A.S.S II.

As a matter of fact, the Bait Chaser has been fished shallow and deep in both fresh and saltwater. It is a proven tournament winner. Itís not just for Bass. We have had customers catching Stripers, Walleye, Musky, Pike, Salmon, Redfish, Bluefish, Trout, Fluke and Halibut, to name a few.

Try our new CC Rig. Itís the Crappie Catcher rig. Fill your frying pan 7 times faster.
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Now available in White, Pink, Chartreuse, Black and  Red

Chaser Fishing Products is Introducing a new Product!
A-Rig buying and performance tips Video
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"Chaser Casting Rig"

My biggest Spotted Bass ever!...6.9lbs

Thanks Bob for making one Awesome Chaser Rig!!!!  

 Dan Frost

Available Colors:  Shad, Chartreuse and Pearl white

Chaser is introducing its version of the Casting umbrella rigs, the Bait Chaser. The Bait Chaser is now available in Pearl White, Chartreuse/White and Shad. The rig weighs 5/8 oz. It has a swivel built into the nose. The arms are 6" long and are prerigged with 80 lb black nickel crane swivels and 30 lb black duo snaps. The swivels and snap combo are secured to the arms with a bimini twist as oppossed to just having the arms bent or looped. The heavy duty approach in construction and tackle pays off when the rig is attacked by schooling Stripers, Hybrids or the Bass of a liftime. The fishing success has been great from coast to coast on the Bait Chaser rigs. Its a proven Tournament winner. Calls come in everyday with bragging reports. Fish with confidence. Call Chaser Fishing Products today.

"Quality Construction"

"A Rig Retreiver"

What a great idea to retrieve your favorite lure from a sunken Tree, Log, Rock etc.


Carrying Case


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